Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 Project

Good Afternoon!
I hope everyone is having a decent Monday, I am  just staying home curled up in my recliner today, it’s dreary and rainy here .
I also am working on starting a photo series around the first of the year, a friend of mine is going to work with me on it, it will be about homeless veterans, my friend is a free lance photographer and works as a social worker for the VA. So he knows where these guys hang out and how to interact with them..
I am looking forward to this but I know it’s going to take a lot of mental strength to do this as well as a lot of energy, I am fortunate that my partner on this project understands and wants to work with me on this project and wants to do it at my convenience, on the days I’m feeling up to it.
Hoping this project turns out successful, and hopefully I’ll get my name out there and perhaps get a little more work.
This is going to be a first for me, I’m more into landscape photography, but I figure it’s good to branch out, shake things up a bit, stretch beyond my comfort zone.
My RA isn’t stopping me from my photography, however it’s opening me up to other forms of photography, challenging my creativity, and pushing me to keep the juices flowing, yes it takes a lot of energy, and I tend to over do it alot, but I have so much fun doing it, however with this project, it’s not going to be “Fun”, it’s going to be emotional, gut wrenching, disgusting even, and is going to take more mental and physical, emotional energy than anyone can imagine.
Anyway, that is what is up for me as of the first of the year, and the working title at the moment is “The Forgotten Ones.”.
I’ll keep y’all up to date on how the project is going as I get into it.