Monday, October 19, 2015

Man, I'm really bad at keeping up with this here blog, but not much is really going on around here.
I've been out with the camera a few times this summer, ut not near as much as I wanted to, We've had a really hot and very dangerously dry summer here in the Pacific Northwest, and then of course there is the RA.
However I have changed up the meds, now on Embrel for the RA and having alot of hope that this will be the one to help me the most.
I also have has 2 of my photos published on a RA website, was not expecting that, but one of my FB followers who is also a contributor to RAHealth Chronic Life Club asked me to submit a couple of photos for their October series about our Creative Outlets. so I submitted 2 of this years  best photos, never expecting to even have one published, let alone both of them.
Amyway, Fall has arrived here in Oregon, I am going to try this week to get out and get some fall pictures around the Molalla area, and I will do my best at keeping this up to date. 
Oh yeah, here are the two photos that were published.

Lower Butte Creek Falls. Santiam Natl. Forest.

Smith Rock State Park. Central Oregon.

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