Monday, May 18, 2015

Wow, I am sorry for not keeping this up to date, yikes. Just been really busy. Life in general has kept me busy plus we moved on the 1st of May.
Now to catch up. I've been out a few times this year since the last post, hubby and I have been taking in some hikes around the area and even went out to Central Oregon for Mothers day where we hiked around Smith Rock State Park   located on Terrebonne, Oregon between Madras and Redmond. Had a wonderful time hiking around the park, didn't over do it all that much, and actually felt really good.

Anyway here are a few pics I've shot since my last post.

Rural Clackamas County

Tulip Festival Woodburn Oregon

Old steam tractor, Tulip Festival.

Quiet Contemplation.

Into The Backwoods

Little Zig Zag River

Upper North Falls, Silver Falls State Park. Silverton, Oregon

North falls

Winter Falls

Lower South Falls

Smith Rock State Park.

Willamette River, clackamas County Oregon

Singer Falls. Oregon City, Oregon

Willlamette falls, Oregon City, Oregon

More of Willamette falls.

Plaque at the Official End Of The Oregon Trail. Abernathy Green, Oregon City, Oregon


  1. Hi I'm new to your blog. I noticed you were at Smith Rock. Did you do the Misery Trail and if so how did you fair. It is a beautiful park. Lovely pictures by the way.

    1. Mary, Welcome to the blog!
      I don't recall the name of the trail we took, but it is the one that winds down along the river. it was steep, going down was no problem, it was going back up that was the challenge LOL. My husband had to help kinda pull me up the steep incline back towards the trail head.
      Keep checking back, I do update the blog as often as I can.

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