Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 Project

Good Afternoon!
I hope everyone is having a decent Monday, I am  just staying home curled up in my recliner today, it’s dreary and rainy here .
I also am working on starting a photo series around the first of the year, a friend of mine is going to work with me on it, it will be about homeless veterans, my friend is a free lance photographer and works as a social worker for the VA. So he knows where these guys hang out and how to interact with them..
I am looking forward to this but I know it’s going to take a lot of mental strength to do this as well as a lot of energy, I am fortunate that my partner on this project understands and wants to work with me on this project and wants to do it at my convenience, on the days I’m feeling up to it.
Hoping this project turns out successful, and hopefully I’ll get my name out there and perhaps get a little more work.
This is going to be a first for me, I’m more into landscape photography, but I figure it’s good to branch out, shake things up a bit, stretch beyond my comfort zone.
My RA isn’t stopping me from my photography, however it’s opening me up to other forms of photography, challenging my creativity, and pushing me to keep the juices flowing, yes it takes a lot of energy, and I tend to over do it alot, but I have so much fun doing it, however with this project, it’s not going to be “Fun”, it’s going to be emotional, gut wrenching, disgusting even, and is going to take more mental and physical, emotional energy than anyone can imagine.
Anyway, that is what is up for me as of the first of the year, and the working title at the moment is “The Forgotten Ones.”.
I’ll keep y’all up to date on how the project is going as I get into it.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Man, I'm really bad at keeping up with this here blog, but not much is really going on around here.
I've been out with the camera a few times this summer, ut not near as much as I wanted to, We've had a really hot and very dangerously dry summer here in the Pacific Northwest, and then of course there is the RA.
However I have changed up the meds, now on Embrel for the RA and having alot of hope that this will be the one to help me the most.
I also have has 2 of my photos published on a RA website, was not expecting that, but one of my FB followers who is also a contributor to RAHealth Chronic Life Club asked me to submit a couple of photos for their October series about our Creative Outlets. so I submitted 2 of this years  best photos, never expecting to even have one published, let alone both of them.
Amyway, Fall has arrived here in Oregon, I am going to try this week to get out and get some fall pictures around the Molalla area, and I will do my best at keeping this up to date. 
Oh yeah, here are the two photos that were published.

Lower Butte Creek Falls. Santiam Natl. Forest.

Smith Rock State Park. Central Oregon.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wow, I am sorry for not keeping this up to date, yikes. Just been really busy. Life in general has kept me busy plus we moved on the 1st of May.
Now to catch up. I've been out a few times this year since the last post, hubby and I have been taking in some hikes around the area and even went out to Central Oregon for Mothers day where we hiked around Smith Rock State Park   located on Terrebonne, Oregon between Madras and Redmond. Had a wonderful time hiking around the park, didn't over do it all that much, and actually felt really good.

Anyway here are a few pics I've shot since my last post.

Rural Clackamas County

Tulip Festival Woodburn Oregon

Old steam tractor, Tulip Festival.

Quiet Contemplation.

Into The Backwoods

Little Zig Zag River

Upper North Falls, Silver Falls State Park. Silverton, Oregon

North falls

Winter Falls

Lower South Falls

Smith Rock State Park.

Willamette River, clackamas County Oregon

Singer Falls. Oregon City, Oregon

Willlamette falls, Oregon City, Oregon

More of Willamette falls.

Plaque at the Official End Of The Oregon Trail. Abernathy Green, Oregon City, Oregon

Monday, February 9, 2015

Well, I finally managed to get away for a bit today and even ventured up to Washington Park today up in the Portland West Hills. Visited the Portland Japanese Gardens and the Vietnam Memorial that is located there.

Feeling good tonight, dissapointed  that Rob wasnt up to going with me, but he'll be back hiking and scoping out places soon enough, he's just damn lucky to be alive.

Soo here are the pictures I got today.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter? What Winter?

Well, this weekend was a bust photography wise, pouring rain and high winds do not make for good pictures. However the good part of the weekend is that the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl again.
Hopefully next weekend will be better and I'll actually get to get some shots in.
All I can do for now is hope for another foggy morning and a productive trip to the local cemetary here in town.

We haven't really had a winter this year, oh we've had a few down right frigid days, but it's been warmer than normal this winter, I mean days where we have almost hit 60? anything in the 50's is not normal for the Pacific N/W in the middle of winter.

I do  have a few ideas bumping around in my head, just need to get those ideas to be made and confirmed into actual plans.
More about all that later.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wow, here it is another New Year, another chance at a new beginning, I have alot of places I would love to go this year, most are places I've been to before, but last visit was many years ago, I think this year is going to be one of New Adventures and revisiting parts of my past, places that were a part of my childhood. places like Madras, Prineville and Silverlake and Fort Rock area. 

And speaking of new beginnings, I will be breaking in a new Rheumatologist next month, this time i have more information, know what to expect, and know what questions to ask and I will not be shy about telling this one my expectations. 

Now I reckon I should post my top 12 or so favorite shots of 2014, so here we go, a bit of a mix of Landscape, Flower and Wedding Photography. as I got a few snap shots of a friends wedding back in September, first time ever shooting a wedding. 

tracks to nowhere

First Dance

Witches Castle, Forest Park, Portland, Oregon

swinging Bridge, Eagle Fern Park. Clackamas County, Oregon.

Eagle Creek

Columbia River Gorge, Orregon

Creek at bottom of LaTourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge.

LaTourell Falls

Siesta Time

And The Journey Begins

Smoke Plume from Pit 36 fire. taken from Colton, Oregon.

Pit 36 Fire, Taken from Mulino, Oregon

Barlow Road Trail area. Sandy, Oregon

Wildflowers of Rowena Crest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Wildflowers of Rowena Crest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

More of the Barlow Road Trail.

Mt.Hood     from Rowena Crest.

Eagle Creek, Rural Clackamas County ,Oregon

Snowy Clackamas River. Clackamas County, Oregon