Monday, September 1, 2014

Changes and Dalias

Ok so, I've been thinking of changing the format of this blog here for a bit, of combining my Photography with Rheumatoid Auto-Immune Disease aka Rheumatoid Arthritis awareness, and finally came up with a new name for it today, Welcome to my new blog,Raw Photography.
Now, with that said, onto my post.

For the last couple of months I've been suffering through flare after flare, the Arava just isn't working, and my Rheumatologist isn't doing anything for me. I finally asked my GP for a referral to a new Rheumatologist up at Oregon Health Sciences University. I should hear something in the next few weeks, I hope. 

Yesterday I was feeling some better, I think I was more restless than anything and there was a Dahlia festival close by that was just the ticket to pick my spirits up, and it certainly did the trick, but boy am I paying for it today, I am hurting so bad I can barely walk. but I got some awesome pictures! LOL.

And finally, after a long day, a Country sunset, near Mulino, Oregon

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