Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy New Year

Well, We all survived the holidays, glad they are over now and that we can get back to a more normal day to day routine.
Rob still has his good days and bad days,lately his good days seem to be in greater number than his bad days so that is good. However Yesterday and today are bad days for him, Its been 3 years ago that he had his accident. Here is my blog post for today.
Exactly 3 years ago today it was  Saturday, January 24th,  Our day started off as usual, Rob got home at 7:30a.m. from working a 12 hr shift, he laid down til 10:30a.m. then we gathered up the camera bag and tri pod and headed out to our friends Ernie & Debbies in Mulino for a day of Photography, Mini Bikes and Bar b que with a bonfire after Dark, it was unseasonably warm, in the mid 50’s, we were just wearing sweatshirts instead of our heavy winter jackets, we were enjoying a day of no rain and clear skies.
I had no idea our lives were about to change forever, that a simple spill on a mini bike would cause such a horrific injury and that my sweet, loving, adventurous husband would lose his fire and adventurous spirit, that he would be so drastically changed that it will forever affect us.
He spent 5 days on the trauma floor of Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon, rated the top Trauma Center in the State of Oregon, I was so scared the first night I didn’t leave his side even to eat, Our oldest daughter Jessie finally got me a sandwich and a coke.
When Rob was finally released we weren’t told anything about Brain Injuries, not what to look for afterwards, what to avoid,  absolutely nothing, everything I have learned by trial and error.
We thought everything would be fine, I mean, if it was really serious they would have told us right? Rob went back to work the 15th of March and everything seemed fine, but it wasnt, there was problems lurking just below the surface, it was so subtle that we couldn’t put a finger on it, I  started noticing suttle little things that were off with Rob by that summer, before he was always willing to take off for the day on his time off, he loved exploring various areas of Oregon and being a photographer it is always nice to have your spouse enjoy the hunt for that shot, that yet unexplored area,  now, he wasnt interested, always to tired from working so that on his time off he would spend most of it sleeping, That troubled me, he was never like that before, I started to research Traumatic Brain Injuries and discovered that what Rob was experiencing was normal, he was getting fatigued easily by working a simple 8 hr shift, 12 hr shifts were grueling to him and eventually, 2  years later they  were beginning to take their toll on him, he was having anxiety issues and panic attacks , finally on May 30th, it took its final toll on him and he was admitted to the hospital for Panic Attacks and Anxiety issues caused by his TBI, he was hospitalized 5 days.
Upon talking to his counselor, Rob and I discovered just to what extent our journey in the TBI life had taken us, It was now that we learned that the majority of those who suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), even as mild as the one Rob suffered , generally do not ever return to work, That Rob working the 2 years past his accident is amazing, but those days are done, it’s time to file disability and enjoy retirement.
We are now 6 months past the date he was deemed disabled by his drs, so now we can file for Disability from Social Security, I am trying to find a lawyer through the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon to help us with the filing of Social Security. 
Once we get his Social Security we will be able to enjoy retirement, I am going to 
look for a part-time job here in Molalla to help get bills paid and to give me something to do, plus when Rob gets his disability we will be able to put my check in the savings for vacations and Christmas.
Oh and as for Motorcycles? Still love em, and as soon as his disability comes through, he’s thinking of getting a touring bike, and he wears a helmet all the time now.

Monday, October 30, 2017

About Time To Wrap Up Things For The Winter.

Wow, I can't believe it is the end of October already, This year seems to have gone by much faster than usual, but that could be because I was  able to get out alot more this year than in past years despite Rob being hospitalized twice at the beginning of Summer due to his ongoing Brain Injury issues.
Over all we had a good summer, Didn't get to all the places we had planned on but those are at the top of our list for next Spring/Summer, plus I have some places I want to go back to as well as some places to check out over in the Silver Lake/Christmas Valley area that my Dad told me about recently.
Sometime in December I will be doing my Best of post with the Best shots of the year, I've shot so much that I have a feeling it is going to be a difficult task deciding which shots to choose, but it will be fun going back through all the pics either way.

This past week was peak colors for fall pictures, so Friday I headed up to Washington Park to the Japanese Gardens, got some pretty good shots despite it being crowded and having to be patient which I tend to not be LOL.

My RA is starting to act up some, but I think that has a lot to do with the weather turning to cool and damp at night, the days here in NW Oregon are still warm and sunny, highs in the mid 60's to maybe 70 or 75, however that is going to be changing by the end of this week when rumor has it the snow level will be dropping to around 2500' feet and our daytime high here will drop to around mid 40's and be rainy.  
Based on what I am reading in the local weather group, I have a feeling this will be a long cold winter with some awesome storms, hopefully I'll get out to the coast to shoot at least one good storm.

Anyway, Here are a few shots I got Friday up at the Japanese Gardens.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The 7 Photos 7 days thing going around on Facebook

Has given me an opportunity to spread awareness of Rheumatoid Disease and how it impacts my daily life, I'm doing it as a glimps into my daily life that I normally keep very private, mainly cause it's not always pleasant to look at or to think about, But with so many people battling not just Rheumatoid Disease, but other Auto Immune Diseases I thought that  this would be a great way to spread awareness of the need for Research.

As for Me, I have my good days and I have my bad days, Days where I feel good and others where I don't feel so good, Pain level goes up and down, especially with the weather and temps outside,

I realize just how lucky I am to still have my husband at my side when so many others bail on their partner.

So Here are the 3 photos, plus tomorrows photo.

A Wedding, A Ghost Town And A Whole Lot Of Fun

Last Week was a lot of fun for me, I got to shoot my Nieces wedding for her, got to hang out with my Nephew and his family, and even went on a Photo Adventure. It was great1

I was over in Eastern Oregon, Baker County to be exact ans I had so much fun, I needed this break from day to day life.
While I was there, My Niece, My Daughter, and one of the Brides Maids all went to Sumpter, Oregon, we checked out the old Gold Dredge that was featured on the TV show Ghost Mine, and then we just wandered around, shot the Fist Bank of Sumpter, and a couple of old abandoned buildings.

The next Day was the wedding and I worked my tail off, but it was fun.
Here are a few of the Images I got those two days.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shhhhhh, I dont want to say it to loudly

That I'm doing good that is.
Life with Rheumatoid Disease is challenging to say the least, some days I feel great, in fact I can feel great for days, weeks or months, then all of a sudden, I am not doing so well, having a flare, and that can knock me down for just as long as having good days, it all just depends on many factors such as, weather, mood, stress level just to name a few.
For me, Winter is when I do the worst, the cold and wet that is prevalent here in the Pacific Northwest really gets to me, which is why I don't get out to do much photography in the winter months.
Spring, Fall and Summer are the best for me, when I feel the best.
Anyway, I've  been doing pretty good this summer, only a couple or three flares, but those quickly got better with some  rest. I've been able to get out with the camera more this summer than I have in the last 2 years, and I hope to be able to keep this up through the winter, however I'm not going to hold my breath. 

I got out last week, I was out around the Damascus area Wednesday last week to see my folks, then after I was done I went out towards Boring and shot an old shed I'd had my eye on for a while, but every time I went by there I never had my camera with me, well this time I did, and I finally got the shot.
I also ventured up to the old pioneer cemetery in Damascus, and a few rodeo horses that are currently being boarded near Molalla.
I truely hope ya'll enjoy the pictures.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Well, That Was A Long Break

I didnt intend it to be that long LOL, I just had nothing going on, not getting out at all for the last 2 years.

However this year thats changed, Ive shot around 1,000 photos this year and that is huge considering this time last year I had shot maybe 100 frames.

My health is much better this year thereby letting me get out more with the camera.  I went to the Tulip Festival this year, out to Mosier and a Pow-Wow this year, also went down to the Oregon Coast for the 4th of July this year, which was a first for Rob and I, and while Rob Couldn't handle the flash and noise of the fireworks, we still enjoyed ourselves and was able to relax.
Here is a sample of what Ive shot so far this year.

Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 Project

Good Afternoon!
I hope everyone is having a decent Monday, I am  just staying home curled up in my recliner today, it’s dreary and rainy here .
I also am working on starting a photo series around the first of the year, a friend of mine is going to work with me on it, it will be about homeless veterans, my friend is a free lance photographer and works as a social worker for the VA. So he knows where these guys hang out and how to interact with them..
I am looking forward to this but I know it’s going to take a lot of mental strength to do this as well as a lot of energy, I am fortunate that my partner on this project understands and wants to work with me on this project and wants to do it at my convenience, on the days I’m feeling up to it.
Hoping this project turns out successful, and hopefully I’ll get my name out there and perhaps get a little more work.
This is going to be a first for me, I’m more into landscape photography, but I figure it’s good to branch out, shake things up a bit, stretch beyond my comfort zone.
My RA isn’t stopping me from my photography, however it’s opening me up to other forms of photography, challenging my creativity, and pushing me to keep the juices flowing, yes it takes a lot of energy, and I tend to over do it alot, but I have so much fun doing it, however with this project, it’s not going to be “Fun”, it’s going to be emotional, gut wrenching, disgusting even, and is going to take more mental and physical, emotional energy than anyone can imagine.
Anyway, that is what is up for me as of the first of the year, and the working title at the moment is “The Forgotten Ones.”.
I’ll keep y’all up to date on how the project is going as I get into it.